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Ultimate Implant Restoration Certification For the Ontario Dentist (Fall 2023)

September 22, 2023 12:00 PM - November 18, 2023 10:00 PM (GMT)

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How can I get certified to restore implants in Ontario?” Did you know that RCDSO outlines a list of requirements, which consists of 49 hours of prosthetic and surgical implant instructions, before you can restore implants!

Back by popular demand, Edropin is inviting Dr. Leung for the third time to host the Ultimate 7 day hands-on Implant Restorative program. This program exceeds all requirements set out by RCDSO and actually hand-holds you through the entire implant restoration process.

About the Program

For this program, we recruited the best faculty such as Dr. Beatrice Leung (board certified prosthodontist and teaching faculty at U of T) to lead the prosthetic portion. And, Dr. Allen Aptekar (diplomate of Americal Board of Oral Implantology) to lead the surgical portion. In addition, we married this great faculty with the incredible teams at BioHorizons and Durban Labs to create a low cost (early bird offer $3500 + HST), in-person 7 days hands-on implant restorative program that gets you certified to restore implants with confidence in Ontario!

There will be delicious meals each day, amazing mentorship, opportunities to meet other clinicians and receive continued support from the entire Edropin team! However, there’s one small catch for this personalized implant restorative course - there are only 35 spots for the Fall 2023 program.

👉 Here is a glimpse of what you will learn:

✅ The smartest way to analyze restorative space.

✅ How to order the right components you need to deliver your implant restoration. (We will show you everything from ordering parts to having extras on hand).

✅ The “secret tips” for open tray and closed tray impressions.

✅ A full hands-on implant placement and suturing lab.

✅ How to maintain the implant restoration and deal with any issues like peri-implantitis.

✅ If you are looking to place implants, this course is a pre-requisite for our implant surgery course coming in 2022.

✅ And, you will meet all RCDSO CE requirements for restoring implants and be confident to start restoring implants right away.

Ready to save your spot? Register today as there are onlye 35 spots total for Fall '23.

Program CE

Education method: Participation/Seminar

You will earn 49 Category-2 RCDSO CE for this program.

This program will earn you 49 CE hours of attendance for AGD PACE and ADA CERP

Program Calendar

Day 1, 2 & 3 - Sept 22nd, 23rd and 24th - 8:00am - 4:00pm

  • Prosthetic hands-on with Dr. Beatrice Leung

Day 4 & 5 - Oct 27th & 28th - 8:00am - 4:00pm

  • Surgical hands-on with Dr. Allen Aptekar

Day 6 & 7 - Nov 17th & 18th - 8:00am - 4:00pm

  • Prosthetic hands-on with Dr. Beatrice Leung

How much does this all cost?

All 7 days of Hands-On training and certification is available for $3500 + HST

You will get 7 days of in-person with one-on-one mentorship in a small intimate group setting and guidance from our amazing faculty as well as included meals.

Please contact us at for any further questions about this course, pricing and payment plans.

Course Reviews From Spring '22 & Fall '22 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thanks for putting your heart and soul into this course! Appreciate it!

Great instructor- notes and presentation was informative, easy to follow along and thorough. Hands on portion was beyond expectations, I especially appreciate the additional info and effort gone into teaching what the wrong fit is, things that can go wrong and what challenges to expect

Great course, very good sequencing and detailed. Dr Leung is a great lecturer and effective at communicating from the basics

I think the hands-on activity to adjust a “too tight” crown was very useful. Also I appreciated the live demo with the camera zoomed in so everyone could see.

Loved how Dr. Leung organized her material - very easy to follow and build upon what was learnt in previous days. Hands on components complemented the material nicely

I enjoyed all sections of the course including Dr. Leung's. She was detailed, organized, and eager to share her expertise. Being able to apply what we learned in the hands-on portion was also helpful and I feel much more comfortable moving forwards with restoring implants. Thanks to everyone who put this together!

7-day Outline. Meets RCDSO Implant Restorative Requirements

Day 1/Day 2/Day 3 - Preliminary evaluation and treatment planning Consideration

  1. History of Dental Implants
    1. Where did we come from?
    2. Where are we now? 
    3. What worked and what didn’t work?  
  2. Understanding your potential implant related treatment solutions
    1. What are the prosthetic solutions for missing teeth that you can offer 
    2. What are the advantages and disadvantages?  
  3. What is missing? Restorative Space Analysis
    1. What is missing? 
    2. What are you restoring?  
  4. To splint or not to splint
    1. When to splint and when not to splint?  
  5. Hard and Soft tissue Analysis
    1. Formulating a treatment plan that will support both your surgical and prosthetic plan.
    2. Learn how to plan with the surgeon predictably for a seamless treatment plan.
  6. Determining the number and distribution of implants
  7. Other Factors to consider during the Treatment planning process
    1. Fixed vs. Removable solution: Which one is indicated? 
    2. Biological consideration
    3. Functional consideration 
    4. Aesthetic consideration 
    5. Material consideration 
    6. Biomechanical consideration  
  8.  Complex-Multiple missing teeth treatment planning
    1. Biomechanical consideration
    2. Aesthetic consideration  
  9. Implant Removable Prosthodontics planning
    1. Bar vs. Stud support 
    2. Mechanism of support, retention and support
  10. Diagnosis and Treatment planning using digital dentistry
    1. Diagnostic planning using CBCT 
    2. Surgical planning  
  11. Hands On Day 1 and Day 2
    1. Simple single tooth implant 
    2. Complex single tooth implant 
    3. Multiple missing teeth-fixed solution 
    4. Multiple missing teeth-removable solution
    5. Fully edentulous case

Day 4/5 - Surgical Implant Therapy

Treatment Planning

i. Diagnosis

ii. Assessment

iii. Radiograph and CBCT evaluation

iv. Medical History Assessment

v. Patient Classification

Tissue, Bone and Anatomy

i. Treatment planning of Mandible and Maxilla

ii. Anatomy of the Mandible and Maxilla

iii. Bone Classification

iv. Tissue Evaluation

Surgical Techniques

i. Surgical Protocol and Approach

ii. Bone and Tissue Management

iii. Surgical Components

iv. Surgical Techniques

v. Minimally Invasive Extractions

vi. Basic Socket Grafting

Hands-on laboratory demos

Day 6/7 - Prosthetic Treatment Execution

  1. Pre-prosthetic Implant evaluation
    1. How to evaluate your implant 
    2. Managing patient’s expectation 
    3. Preparing your impression appointment 
    4. Consideration for impression techniques  
  2. Impression Planning  
    1. Open tray/Closed tray 
    2. Custom tray/Stock tray 
    3. Scan body 
    4. What to order 
    5. Indication for verification jig  
  3.  Types of Jaw Relation Record
    1. How to use components to facilitate jaw relation record
  4. Try in and insertion of implant restoration
    1. Material selection
    2. Framework design
    3. Evaluation of framework
    4. Try in protocol for implant restorations
    5. How to evaluate for passive fit
    6. Troubleshooting for common prosthetic challenges
  5.  Maintenance protocol
    1.  What to look for during your yearly check up.
    2. Patient management
  6.  Record Keeping
    1. What should be recorded to facilitate future maintenance visits 
  7. Common prosthetic complications
    1. How to recognize them 
    2. How to manage them 
    3. How to prevent them  
  8. Scenarios:
    1. Screws related (loose or broken screws) 
    2. Materials related (fractured porcelain, abutment, framework)
    3. Retention related (loose crown or loose denture) 
  9. Prosthetic Hands On
    1. Components evaluation 
    2. Impression taking open tray vs. closed tray vs. scan body 
    3. Types of verification jig/Jaw relation records Insertion sequence/Troubleshooting during delivery  
  10. Cases to review throughout the 5 day course:
    1. Simple single-tooth born
    2. Complex-Multiple missing teeth
    3. Removable- Implant overdenture

Edropin Faculty

Dr. Beatrice Leung

D.D.S., M.P.H, Cert. Pros., Dip A.B.P., F.A.C.P., F.R.C.D (C).


Dr. Leung received her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at the University of Toronto. After graduation, she completed a General Practice Residency at the Boston Medical Center and a three-year Prosthodontics Residency Program at the University of Pittsburgh. During her residency program in Pittsburgh, she also earned a Master of Public Health degree.

Following completion of these programs, she became certified as a fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada as well as the diplomate of the American Board of Prosthodontics. Since then, she has been in private practice in the midtown Toronto for the last 15 years. She has a long history of involvement in the prosthodontic education at the University of Toronto and recently joined the Faculty as an Assistant Professor with a major role in directing undergraduate prosthodontic education. She has recently been named an Honourary Class Member from the class of 2021 and a recipient of the 2019-2020 Dr. Bruce Hord Master Teacher Award.

Dr. Allen Aptekar


Dr. Allen Aptekar studied at the University of Toronto, earning his Bachelors of Science degree in Biology. He continued his studies at the University of Saskatchewan College Of Dentistry where he received his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree with distinction. Dr. Aptekar then went on to complete a hospital residency at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center and the University of Toronto with a special focus on emergency dentistry and oral surgery.

Dr. Allen Aptekar has received numerous awards and accolades in his over a decade of work in implant dentistry. He holds diplomate status with the American Board of Oral Implantology, a designation that only 600 dentists/surgeons have in the world. He is diplomate of the International Congress of Oral Implantology. He is also a Fellow of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. Dr. Aptekar was also on faculty with the former Misch International Implant Institute Canada. He an examiner and an exam constructor for the American Board of Oral Implantology.

He has authored and co-authored several articles in refereed professional dental journals. Dr. Aptekar is also the editor in chief of Spectrum Implants, which is the only peer reviewed dental implant journal in Canada. He is also actively involved with many other dental implant editorial boards, and study clubs. Dr. Aptekar is actively involved in the advancement of implant dentistry. He continuously lectures on many dental implant related surgical topics to dentists. He practices in the greater Toronto area, where he limits his practice to the surgical and restorative phases of dental implantology and bone augmentation.


All sessions will take place in-person at the New Durban Lab Facility located in North York. Click here for directions .

595a Trethewey Dr. North York, ON M6M 4B8

Commercial Support for this Program

The following entities have provided support for this program. Please note the CE activity should not endorse any specific products or services. Any mention of a product or service should be based on scientific evidence and not influenced by commercial support.

Biohorizons Canada - Providing instruments and implant analogs for demonstration and hands-on demos

Dental Durban Labs - Providing venue as well as printed models for hands-on

Medicom - In-kind donation of PPE for the course

Cancelation/Refund Policy

Edropin reserves the right to: (i) cancel any course at any time; (ii) change speakers; (iii) change the venue; (iv) change the programming; (v) change the time; and (vi) change the location, all without notice and at its sole discretion and shall not be liable for any costs, expenses, damages or any other amount whatsoever due to such cancellation or changes to the course offering. Edropin shall be under no obligation to re-schedule any course which has been cancelled. If we are unable to re-schedule this course, you will be refunded the amount paid. Edropin shall be under no obligation to offer meals or refreshments at any of its courses and is under no obligation to accommodate any special dietary restrictions at courses where meals are offered.

Edropin will not be liable for any expenses incurred by any registrant for attendance at a course, including but not limited to: travel expenses, accommodations, meals, salaries, wages, and loss of income, or for participant’s failure to attend a course.

By registering for a course, registrants acknowledge having read and understood this disclaimer and registration fee policy and agree to hold harmless edropin as set out herein.

Registration Fee Policy

Registration course fees must be paid in full prior to the course. If such payment is not made, the registrant’s reservation for the course may be cancelled at the sole discretion of Edropin Inc.

All cancellations have a mandatory 2.9 % plus $0.30 non-refundable credit card fee. The following cancellation policy applies for all courses:

(i) cancellation 60 calendar days prior to the start date of the course – full refund; minus any processing fees

(ii) cancellation between 60 and 14 calendar days prior to the start date of the course – refund less a 25% administration fee;

(iii) cancellation less than 14 calendar days prior to the start date of the course – no refund.

Edropin conflict of interest and regulations

All programs offered by edropin will be for scientific and educational purposes only and will not promote the products of the company directly. Edropin is responsible for the control of content and the selection of presenters and moderators. Edropin may work with or accept financial or in-kind support from other organizations but those organizations must first agree in writing that they will not direct the content of the program. Outside organizations or their agents will respond only to requests initiated by Edropin for suggestions of presenters or sources of possible presenters. edropin will record the role of the company or its agents and ensure that all names/roles are disclosed to participants prior to attending a program.

Edropin is responsible for the control of content and the selection of presenters and moderators. The sponsors agree not to direct the content of the program. The sponsors will respond only to edropin initiated requests for suggestions of presenters or sources of possible presenters. The sponsors will suggest more than one name (if possible); will provide speaker qualifications; will disclose financial or other relationships between the sponsors and speaker; and will provide this information in writing. edropin will record the role of the COMPANY OR ITS AGENTS.

The following is prohibited in any area of Edropin events:

● Setting up Profiles and/or events that promote violence against or stereotypes of individuals or groups based on race, gender, religion, age, nationality, political affiliation or sexual orientation

●Explicit or violent content

●Content that makes reference to weapons

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●Engaging in fraudulent or misleading activity (including but not limited to: using multiple identities, email addresses, providing false or misleading information).

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